The Renegade Diet Exposed – A Complete Review

The Renegade Diet
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The diets with low carbohydrates and high protein intake bring about so many negative consequences that they become either completely useless or outright counterproductive. Those diets that focus on building muscles really do help becoming ripped and strong, but only at the expense of also becoming three times fatter as before. The diets that focus on losing weight render you completely weak, compromise your hormone and immune system and completely evaporate your muscles. Diets focusing on low carbohydrate intake may reduce your weight for the period of the diet, but they also reduce your mental and physical energy and destroy your mood.


The Renegade Diet brings a fundamentally new approach to dieting, sweeping away all the false myths about the nature of a good diet. It offers a very simple and highly effective nutrition plan without the negative effects of the diets that are commonly used.

It was written byJason Ferruggia, who worked in the fitness industry for two decades, authored hundreds and hundreds of articles regarding diet, exercise andbodybuilding, and he plays a vital rolein runningMens Fitness Magazine and Live Strong.


Ravaging Myths

As Jason Ferruggia explains in his guide, those who try to burn fat and gain muscles suffocate inan ocean of myths concerning diets and nutrition. Hundreds of thousands profit from selling lies, stating that their diet is going to solve the problem of the customer. And while it is true that they solve the problem temporarily, while the one who paid exorbitant prices is going to the mighty sacrifice of giving up food and free-time, dying each day in the long hours of exercise, but the day they stop dieting to regain their formal energy and willpower, they will also regain their weight.

Diets today are made not to help the customer lose weight but to make them utterly dependent on the various supplement products for the rest of their mortal existence. The Renegade Diet effectively points out the falsehoods surrounding these myths.

It points out how diets based on low carb consumption only decrease your chance in losing fat. They deplete your energy by forbidding access to nutrition your body crucially needs in order to properly function. Furthermore, they completely mess up your hormone system. They decrease those hormones in your body that make converting fat into energy possible, and hence the only part of the diet is starvation, which is really not a helpful guide. In fact,The Renegade Dietcompletely allows midnight doses of high carbohydrates, based on studies showing that those who ate at night were able to lose weight faster.

The author shows that it is a complete lie that diets based on high protein intake is going to help you build more muscle. If anything, he argues, they are going to destroy your gut and other organs, while also increasing your fat – and the profit of the supplement industry.

Citing studies that compare people who ate different amount of meals each day, he points out that it is completely unnecessary to overstuff yourself with 6 meals a day. Regarding food, he also argues that there are much more important aspects of eating than breakfast.


The Enabler

I am certain that the children of the author are having a blast, since he is very permissive in his diet about the sweets most diets put into the category of “if you merely think about consuming these products, you will instantly become fat.”The Renegade Diet is based not only on what you eat, but also on how your body reacts to what you consume, and because of this, it actually recommends eating pizza or ice-cream in order to promote faster weight loss. It also promotes snacks before exercise as a source of energy and muscle growth, and consuming more sodium,

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In fact, The Renegade Diet goes so much against the mainstream ideas about good diet and nutrition that it should be counted as blasphemy. It suggests that you should skip breakfast altogether and that you should overeat at night.

Hethoroughly analyzes the different kinds of foods and their effects on your hormonal system, showing what are the most essential foods to consume and what are the household items you have to get rid of immediately. He also talks a lot about the timing of the meals, and one of the key of successfully completing The Renegade Diet is a strict and disciplined schedule of eating.

His diet has a profound impact on the health of those who follow it. Itaffects the sleeping habit and helps the body to develop a healthy and sustainablecircadian rhythm, and it induces deep, uninterrupted sleeping habits. It bolsters the immune defenses by the consumption of proper nutrition. It offers a cure for adrenal fatigue, helps to balance hormonal levels and to cureother hormonal dysfunctions such as the lack of testosterone and an abundance of estrogen. Unlike most diets, it significantly decreases the aging process.



The Renegade Diet is based on Jason Ferruggia’s decades of accumulated knowledge in the fitness industry. The countless reviews praise his method of counter-intuitive dieting. In his extensive guide he has included a 5 page shopping list, tips for exercising, the complete theory and premise behind his diet, the key to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously and to repair a damaged metabolism, suggested supplementary products, and more than twenty pagesof questions and answers.

It is one of the most easily comprehensible diets out there with an eating plan that is very easy to follow, leaves a great space for experimentation and personalization, and it is highlypermissive. You will be free to sneak out at night and devour everything that comes in your way, from ice cream to pizza to the junkiest of the junk foods, and then wake up with energy, and sip your morning coffee thinking how well your muscles are growing.

The book costs $27 and upon following the instructions, the reader will be able to see the changes in his health and body within the first three or four days. Even though it explicitly contradicts most other diet books on the market, the countless satisfied customers and the background of the author in the fitness industry is a clear proof that it is a highly valuable and worthy investment of effort and time. It is a rare diet program that does not ruin the mood, energy and health of the person who is trying to lose weight, but instead it actively helps to promote a mentally and biologically sustainable, long term lifestyle. Those who follow the advice of The Renegade Diet will use the diet rules for the rest of their lives.

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– Emphasizes on the need to have a healthy diet: it talks about natural diets that will help your body grow to fight all the odds presented to it.

– It is not only a dietary plan, it will take you through the tips that you need to start using in order to gain muscles and lose fat.

– The plan is a comprehensible. Actually, it ranks among the top in terms of ease of usage and such.

– The Renegade diet plan is extensive in nature covering everything that you need to know when it comes to losing weight, burning of the fat and muscle building.


– It will take some time for you to start seeing some change in your body.

Summary: It is a diet fitness program that has a lot of promises. The Renegade Diet seeks to wipe away all the false myths in dieting bringing you an opportunity to enjoy a good diet. Following what the guide teaches, you will notice a great deal of advantages. Actually, after an experience with this plan, you are sure to get two things, one is outstanding health and a perfect body fitness. Therefore, get over all your fears and get this diet fitness plan for a fit and strong body.

RatingRated 4.5 stars