Drew’s The Smoothie Diet Review – Scam or Legit?

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All my life I was fat and I blame my genes about it. To tell you a brief background about myself I am Ken a 35-year old man from Wisconsin and I work as an editor in a publishing company.

My fat physique has been there since I was a child maybe because my parents are both fat and I inherited those genes from them. So I have no choice but to become fat.

I am already used to my body type and I did not care at all until I was 33 years old when I am experiencing several symptoms of hypertension and borderline diabetes.


So I decided to consult my doctor and was advised to lose weight because my obesity levels are getting higher and being overweight is very harmful to my health. I knew those are the culprits that is why I decided to take action immediately.

Lifestyle Changes is a Must

My decision is to make significant changes when it comes to my diet and habits. Before I was not exercising because of being busy at work and also even on weekends I just tend to sit all day on my couch and watch the television while eating a bag of chips.

Now you have the idea how bad my lifestyle is back then and I am really ashamed of it because I really abused my health before.

I started exercising and eating healthy foods. I changed my diet by reducing bad foods like junk foods, fatty foods, and pork.

Luckily, I have been seeing progress regarding my weight management I lose several pounds in a couple of weeks.

Just Came Across a Wonderful Product

For several months I am getting bored about my diet that is why I tried to look for something different to add on my diet.

I found this one sales page that offers the diet that is composed of smoothies. This is a great advantage for me because I love drinking smoothies.

However, before the smoothies that I am consuming are unhealthy because it is loaded with sugar and artificial flavorings that are harmful to the health if taken excessively.


That is why I am really amazed that there is such program that promotes a healthy version of the smoothie that can be used as a primary diet.

At first, I thought that it was a complete scam because how a very delicious and mouth-watering smoothie can be as healthy as what they are telling.

You cannot blame me for having some doubts because as we all know there are a lot of products on the internet that are intended to scam people.

Because the creator of the product is Drew which is a certified health coach offers a 60-day money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the product that is why I told myself that there is no risk at all if I will try the product.
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Positive Reviews about the Product is a Deciding Factor

I tried to search the internet for some reviews regarding the product to verify its credibility. So after a few hours of searching, fortunately, I have found the reviews that I am looking for regarding “The Smoothie Diet”.

Luckily, I found a lot of good feedback regarding the product they are all satisfied with the results.

One of them is Dawn a female on her early 30s had to lose an incredible 7 kilograms in the span of 3 weeks.


She said that it is a wonderful program because the smoothies that are included in the diet are very delicious.

There are also several moms that found success on the diet because as we all know after giving birth women tend to gain weight because of hormonal changes.

Trying Out the Product

So I decided to give the product a try because I really want to have a change when it comes to my diet and having a smoothie as my primary source of food is really a new twist.

I purchased the product and immediately after paying the price of the product I received the download links of the eBook and there are also additional products in the deal that are considered as freebies.

We will talk about the freebies on the latter part of my review regarding “The Smoothie Diet”.

Several days were spent studying the diet and the whole program. Luckily, I did not have a hard time understanding the program because I have this deep love for smoothies.

Aside from consuming smoothies I also know how to create those delicious smoothies because I do love making various drinks as my past time.

Upon reading the eBook, I was surprised by the ingredients that I can use to make those smoothies. I never thought that those ingredients would make a very tasty drink.


The Results

After several weeks of implementing the diet, I noticed a significant cut on my weight. Although I am experiencing this even before I entered the smoothie diet.

But being under the smoothie diet I can say that I progress in a much better way rather than the conventional diet that I am implementing before.

The Benefits that I Got from The Smoothie Diet

To give you an insight on the various benefits that I got from the product to tell you honestly 5 pages is not enough to list down all the benefits of the diet.

That is why I will just break down the summary of the benefits that I got from the package.

Here is the summary of the benefits that I got:

detox water

• Consuming healthy smoothies is good for our digestion because it has various antioxidant properties and it is very easy to digest by our body.
• It does not stress out our digestive system because entering a smoothie diet gives your digestive system less work because what you are taking is composed of light and soft texture food drink.
• Nutrients are fast absorbed because no extensive chewing is required for the reason that smoothies are close to being liquid.
• I learned that achieving my ideal weight does not require to limit myself into eating foods that do not have a pleasant taste however it taught me that ideal weight can be achieved without compromising the taste of the foods in a diet.

These are only a few examples of the benefits that I got from the product and I know that you too can discover a lot more benefits from the smoothie diet.

Let’s Talk About the Freebies

So this is one of the most exciting part of my review, is what freebies did I get when I bought the main product. Here are the 2 freebies that I got:

• The 3-day Smoothie Detox – This is where I learned more techniques on how I can release more toxins outside of my body.
• Quick-Start Guide – A great tool that helped me browse the topics if I need to remember some recipes or techniques that I forgot.

With these 2 freebies accompanied by the main eBook, it helped me reached my fitness goals and all I can say is it is truly worth more than what I paid for.

The Conclusion

slim lady

All I can say is the product is really worth it and to tell you honestly it is the only product that I bought on the internet that is true to its mission.

Right now I am already on my ideal weight and I am on my best shape ever. I advise you to buy the product now and see for yourself that I am really telling the truth.

I wish you good luck with your fitness goals and I know that you can achieve the feat that I reached with the help of this wonderful diet.

And I would also like to thank Drew for creating this wonderful diet because of him I was able to become healthy again!

For Instant Access To The Smoothie Diet, Click Here


  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of the diet.
  • Very affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Has two freebies that come along with the main product.
  • Very effective smoothie recipes that will help you lose weight.
  • Tasty and delicious recipes but does not compromise the weight loss properties of the smoothies.
  • Easy to prepare smoothie recipes.
  • Secured payment options.


  • Much better if it has a video instructionals on how to make the recipes.
  • You must have a budget for a good blender for the texture of the smoothies to have a better quality.

Summary: With this product, I managed to learn the different smoothie recipes for the smoothie diet. I am very thankful that I came across this wonderful eBook because of this I lose a lot of unhealthy weight. It also gave me the best shape and wellness that I am looking for.

RatingRated 4.5 stars