Erin Nielsen’s Toned In Ten Review – What are the Benefits?

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Contrary to popular belief, gravity doesnt have to take its toll when you reach a certain age.

Just ask Erin Nielsen, the author of this program. She is 42(!) at the time of this writing and still looks like a teenager.

If her radiant glow doesnt convince you that she knows what shes talking about, Im sure the fact that shes a Physical Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Primal Blueprint Certified Expert will. Read on to learn her secret.

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I know. There already arent enough hours in the day.

Which is what inspired Erin to create this solution that will just require 10 minutes per day to achieve the results you desire.

I get it, wasting money on expensive exercise equipment that ends up gathering dust isnt my idea of a good time, either.

One of the best things about this regimen is that you dont need to buy anything! Yes, you can look younger, get rid of cellulite, and shed belly fat without any equipment.

I get that that can be hard to believe, but that brings me to the next great point this program addresses.

Ignore conventional fitness and weight loss advice.

The Center for Disease Controls website says that we should be getting 5 hours of moderate intensity activity (like jogging, speed walking, yoga, Frisbee, ballroom dancing, mowing your lawn, shoveling snow, tennis, water aerobicsyou get the point).

However, Erin explains that this is why you may feel old and worn out even after rigorous exercise. Working out that much actually stresses your body, making you more susceptible to knee, leg or low back pain, put too much pressure on your joints and ligaments and may even make you age quicker.


Great news: you dont have to slave through hours of boring cardio any more.

Did you know that, even though it seems totally contradictory to what weve always been told, excessive cardio can actually cause you to gain weight? Not only that, but it can cause you to put way too much strain on your joints.

If youve ever had the misfortune of joint pain, you know how awful this can be. Like to the point where you wince every time you have to take a step. No thanks.

Are you sick of following all the advice youve gotten on how to be healthy to a tee and still not seeing the results you want?

So was Erin, which is what prompted her to create this regimen. She, too, felt like giving up until she hard about how sprinters always have lean muscles and toned skin.

This inspired her to research further and start applying her newfound knowledge to her 10-minute-a-day workouts. People started commenting on how great she looked, and mistaking her for much younger than she is.

These 10-minute-a-day workouts will boost your metabolism so you will burn fat after youre finished with the workout, and even when you go to bed.

Cardio doesnt create that kind of after burn effect. Erin mentions a study done in 2006for a regimen similar to this program (short burst workouts), where the entire after-burn of fat increased by 36% after only two weeks.

Not only that, but a separate study found that this after-burn can remain in effect up to 38 hours after the workout.


What makes workouts like this one so effective is the release of the Human Growth Hormone.

I will admit that before trying Toned in Ten, I was doing a similar regimen with a high-intensity belly dance workout every day.

Growing up, I followed the conventional advice and slogged away for hours on our basement treadmill, only to be frustrated by never losing fat in the areas I wanted to.

Its great now, though, because since starting this belly dance workout about 3 months ago, and now alternating that with this program, I have lost those annoying love handles, my butt is bounce-a-quarter-off-able, and I still have feminine curves.

Get Started Now!

I never thought it was possible to be fit and still have just the right amount of meat on my bones.

Another thing to keep in mind with this regimen: its important to watch what and how you eat.

I always laugh when I think about this because of something my dads fond of saying (quoting Jack LeLaine): If it tastes good, spit it out!

No, this program isnt that militant. But you will want to think of how you can best nourish your body when trying to decide what to eat.

Imagine how amazing itll feel when you strut around in that adorable dress youve always wanted, looking young enough to get carded again.

Yeah, buddy! Thats why this is such a great investment in yourself. And you can feel pity for other women you know, the cardioheads who gear up for another grueling battle with the exercise bikes.

Do them a favor and share your knowledge of how theres a smarter and much more effective way to exercise. They will be forever grateful.

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Are you thinking This sounds great and all, but what am I gonna do? Try to work out with my tablet or phone on the table next to me? Awkward!

Not to worry, because Erin has included digital videos of the workouts described in the book. She is thorough and walks you through each step, like youve got the best of both worlds: the guidance of a personal training but in the comfort of your living room.

Thats a huge benefit if youre like me and hate having to go to the gym.

No offense if you enjoy it, but for me, just thinking about getting judge-y glares while trying to work out almost gives me a panic attack. Plus, I love being able to work out in my grodiest pajamas if I want with no witnesses (cmon, we all have a pair of shame pajamas.).

A word of advice for those of you with pets: I would probably put them in another room or area while working out. I have two cats and they dont take an interest in me during any part of the day except when Im exercising.

So just make sure they wont get underfoot while youre doing this now and save yourself the hassle of being distracted or worried that theyll keep trying to climb on you during your workout. Its important that you give this your full concentration so you can receive the utmost benefit from looking and feeling svelte and years younger.

Imagine what itll be like to visit the pool or the beach confidently wearing your cute swimsuit, not feeling self-conscious the whole time in your baggy t-shirt and husbands shorts.

That thought right there is what makes this program more than worth it. Let Erin show you how you can start melting off the pounds today with Toned in Ten!

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– Short workout methods which can be followed within 10 minutes without the need for any professional assistance.

– Diet plans and short exercise plans by which you can achieve a perfectly toned body figure within weeks.

– 10 minutes a day workouts for enhancing metabolism by which you can greatly reduce the consequences of aging and restore your glowing skin as before.

– Relieve stress and tiredness from your body by following the simple relaxation techniques as explained by the author.


The program certainly does not guarantee results in each case and the followers are required to bring a permanent change over their eating habits in order to achieve best benefit from the advised tips.

Summary: Toned In Ten is a fitness program prepared by Erin Nielsen exclusively for women by which they can eliminate the effects of aging and achieve the figure of their dreams. By following the exercise tutorials and diet plans as explained by the author, you can restore the perfectly glowing skin and get rid of unwanted fat from critical body parts within weeks. So, if you wish to enhance your physical beauty and become confident as before, Toned in Ten contains the most helpful methods which have proven to give best results.

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