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Total Wellness Cleanse
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Been trying to lose weight but to no avail?

Are you tired of using the numerous health products out in the market that provide you no respite?

Would you like to cleanse your body of the toxin build up in a natural way?

If your answer is a yes then look no further. This article will tell you exactly how you can go about to cleanse your body of the toxin build up and lead a happy and healthy life.


Are you concerned about the unhealthy food system of the world we live in today?

The additives, antibiotics, the pesticides, herbicides and the genetically modified foods that have become a part of our living today and are draining our body of the essential nutrients to survive. But is there anything you can do about this?
The answer is a yes, Yes there can be something done about this and yes, you can cleanse your body and live healthy.

The answer to all your problem lies within this new program called as the Total Wellness Cleanse program designed specifically to cleanse your body within a stipulated time.

You may be thinking, how is this program any different from the countless other programs that are out there in the market. Well, the Total Wellness cleanse program is a powerful detox strategy program and does not involve starving yourself regimes or changing your daily routine. Its a natural detoxifying program which involves only making changes to your diet. So unlike other programs it wont ask you to starve, change your beauty products, change your daily chores or any of such idiocy.


So whats the Total Wellness Cleanse program all about?

The Total Wellness program is a 30 day cleansing program that focuses on cleansing your body from the inside out. The program is divided under two categories. The first one is a 14 day cleansing program, the second phase consists of a 14 days maintenance phase program.

Like every good program, the only thing that the program asks of you is your commitment towards working of the program for your benefit. You do that and the results are guaranteed to show within a week of your use of the whole program. Just to give a heads up on the kind of program this is, the Total Wellness Cleanse program is the only food based cleansing system out there in the market. Contrary to popular beliefs, making a change in your diet is the most effective way of taking the body towards a healthy build up of the body.

The program contains a guide to get rid of all the toxins in your body which has been building up over the course of years without you realizing it and correcting it with an effective nutritional plan made up of daily foods that can be made available by a simole visit to your local grocery store.
The main culprits of our unhealthy state of mind and body in this age is the foods that we intake that are riddled with pesticides, food additives and genetically modified foods which are dragging us towards diseases and unwanted conditions.


About the author

The author of the program Yuri Elkaim is a famed nutritionist, health and fitness expert. He is a former soccer player and conditioning and nutrition coach. He is a registered holistic Nutritionist and a certified Kinesiologist and is also an author of several quality diet products.

As a kid growing up, he suffered from a hair loss condition known as Alopecia which results in a total loss of hair in the body. Growing up with the condition and being prescribed cortisone injections that helped less in solving his problem, Yuri decided to look for answers in holistic nutirition studies. This is where he came across the solution to his problems and the problems faced by many suffering from different health conditions.

After much research and studies he discovered that most of our health problems stem up from our dietary and food habits that have been poisoning the body and voiding it of essential nutrients. The consumption of processed carbohydrates, sugar and unsaturated foods is the end result of all our health problems.
This discovery lead to the creation of the Total Wellness Cleanse program doctored and authored effectively to provide a detox solution to all our health problems.

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Contents of the program

The program provides with clear cut layouts and presentation of facts. Every detail is adhered to while presenting it in a layman manner for the users to understand it better. As has been mentioned earlier the program comes in two phases that is the Cleansing phase and the Maintenance phase which provides with a detailed guide to detoxifying your body within a 30 days period. The program mentions only a change in your diet and doesnt involve any medical procedures or getting any medications.

The Total Wellness Cleanse program comes in a starters kit package which includes:

1. The total wellness food guide

2. The Total Wellness Cleanse Recipe guide

3. Cleanse Meal phase Plan and shopping list

4. Maintenance Meal phase Plan and shopping list

5. The program also comes with two dual bonuses for its users which includes

i. Daily coaching emails
ii.Access to members only Facebook group which allows you to connect with real time users of the program.


Cost of the program

The whole program comes at a little cost of $27 which includes the aforementioned guides and bonuses. The price comes as a limited time offer available only for a short period for new users wanting to avail the program. As invaluable is the content of the program, the authors and creators have decided to give it on a special price. The program also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. If you any time during the course of the program feel the contents of the program not to your liking then a return can be initiated from your end.

There will be no surcharge or extra costs attached to the condition. You stay protected that way and still get to avail the program.


The program has enjoyed a wide outreach with testimonials from more than 80,000 people who have benefitted from the product and have enjoyed the life benefitting techniques of the program. Therefore if its your health that you want to regain again, then the Total Wellness Cleanse Program is the comprehensive guide to achieving that goal. Its a must have for every person who is willing to transform their body and ensure that they stay healthy for the remainder of their lives.

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– Easy to prepare recipes and meals which can enhance your metabolism and remove toxins from inside of your body.

– Complete detoxification of your body within 30 days. In case you are not able to achieve desired results, you investment will be returned immediately.

– Regain your lost physical powers by practicing the simple yet effective workout plans.

– Dual bonuses given along with the purchase by which you can get additional health benefits.


The program requires a complete change in eating habits which might not be possible for some followers.

Summary: Total Wellness Cleanse program is created by Yuri Elkaim which includes the best body fitness and workout techniques so that you can make your body free of toxins. By following simple recipes and meal plans as explained by the author, you can achieve your dream figure within weeks.

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