Ultimate Athleticism Review – Does It Really Work? Scam?

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When you think of the word “athlete”, what comes to mind?

Now think of an “ULTIMATE athlete”. What pops in your head? Maybe you think of the lunkhead heavy lifters you might have seen at the gym. Or bodybuilders may come to mind.

Perhaps you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and see people who do kettlebell exercises or bodyweight workouts in your mind, or maybe you think of yogis.

I know, these groups of people, the lifters versus the people using their bodyweight for workouts, seem like total opposites.

baseball glove

Using the principles you’ll learn from Max Shank’s program, you’re going to learn how to increase your muscle mass and sculpt your best body.

You might be wondering, “How is this program going to do all of that for me?”. The short answer is that this program will develop your strength and agility by integrating weightlifting with bodyweight exercises.

Max has developed a system that will transform you into the best athlete you can be.

You’ll learn how to get stronger, healthier and enjoy more flexibility. I’m sure you can imagine how much more confident you’ll feel with your newfound athletic abilities.

Max is a well-renowned expert in the fitness world. He’s a strength and conditioning coach, and he uses these same techniques in his one-on-one coaching sessions to help his clients achieve the best possible results.

However, Max wasn’t always this way.

He remembers when he used to be so weak and inflexible that he couldn’t touch his toes. He, probably like you and me,had tried a variety of different fitness programs, like Crossfit, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting, but didn’t gain the strength and flexibility he desired from any of them.

Thankfully, he didn’t give up his search. He realized that he could combine principles from the sports he’s tried, which led him to unlocking his own and his clients’ athletic potential with this program.


One thing I love is that Max puts a lot of emphasis on making these workouts fun.

You may be like me, where you’ve suffered through every second of your deadlifts and squats in the past. You’ll see that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Max’s program keeps you engaged the entire time. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the clock or mentally wandered off while doing these workouts, which is saying a lot, because I have Attention Deficit Disorder.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m a woman, and I do yoga and bellydance in addition to Max’s workout.

I’ve lifted weights in the past, but like I said before, it usually ended quickly because my mind was wandering. Before I tried this system, I thought weightlifting was just, well, boring.

After working out with Max, now I know that I was just lifting wrong. My posture was just awful. In fact, I’m surprised that I didn’t pull a muscle or severly injure my low back when I used to deadlift. Max’s guidance will shape you into the best, most versatile athlete you can be.

As a yogi, I’ve always been scared of doing hand or headstands. I have scoliosis and have been told my whole life that it’s just not a good idea. After applying the things I’ve learned from Max, I can confidently do a handstand and even hold it for a about 30 seconds.

He talks about how doing handstands is beneficial because it’ll not only develop your ability to support your bodyweight, but will show that you can hold heavy weights overhead when lifting.


There are 2 ways you can enjoy this program:

The Gold Package, which is $47. With this package, you’ll recieve:

  • The Ultimate Athleticism eBook.
  • A comprehensive Video Library that will walk you through each exercise, step by step.
  • A Program Design Guide. This has several workout systems for every skill level, fromt he newest of newbies to the most seasoned of athletes.
  • 3 months access to the Members-Only area on the program’s website.

The Platinum Package, which is $77. This is the one I got. With it, you’ll receive:

  • Everything from the Gold Package.
  • A Workout Creator. This allows you to design your own workout, customized to your needs.
  • 12 months access to the Members-Only area on the program’s website.

Get Started Now!

By taking advantage of this program today, you will learn how to:

  • Increase your endurance.
  • Strengthen your hands and elbows.
  • Increase your endurance.
  • Design your workouts so you can achieve the best results.
  • Gain more overall strength.
  • Increase strength-for-strength muscle tone.
  • Improve your posture.

Max reveals the little-known secret to building a solid foundation for your athletic abilities.

You might be thinking that athletic ability is formed based on developing strength, or maybe you think it’s built on endurance or speed. That’s what a lot of traditional fitness advice leads us to believe.

Max debunks all of this by explaining that the base of developing your athleticism is yourmovement quality. He’s pretty straightforward about the fact that you’re going toneed to make a concious effort towork every day to develop your movement quality in order to expand your athletic abilities.

I know, that may sound like a lot, but the good news is, once you’ve laid the groundwork and work toward improving your movement quality every day, you’ll find that you can develop your endurance, strength and speed with very little challenge.

kick boxing

Sadly, a lot of athletes don’t learn the importance of good movement quality and end up getting injured as a result.

Form follows function. I can tell you how true this is because I have scoliosis. My whole life, I’ve tried back braces, doing pilates, and other things like lumbar and neck pillows to develop better posture.

I didn’t realize, until I began working out with Max, that it’s important to conciously practice good movement quality in every single movement. Yes, even micromovements.

Applying this knowledge has allowed me to reap benefits from my yoga practice that I could never have imagined before. So I am really excited to see how ordering today is going to start improving your abilities, too.

Max’s system is full of tried and true methods that will bring you the results you desire. Unlock your superstar athletic abilities today!

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– The guide will teach you on how to improve your endurance as an athlete.

– The guide will teach you on how to improve your posture and thus improve on your physical agitation.

– The guide takes you through some of the methods to design your workouts and thus achieve the best results.

– The program is very comprehensive and very detailed and therefore, you can be sure to get the best results.

– The guide will help you to improve your muscle tone and in turn increase your strength.


– For the program to show effect, you will have to be a little patient and it requires you to have some level of commitment.

Summary: Ultimate Athleticism is a program that has designed to turn you from being an amateur athlete into being a professional athlete. The program is a step by step guide that will help you overcome all the odds and thus helping you prevail becoming at the top of your league.

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