Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning – Really Work? – My Review

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Are you a beginner or a full time pro in the MMA fraternity?

Want to become a top dog in the business?

Are you willing to give your 100 percent to becoming a supreme athlete?

If your answer is a yes then you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with a solution to becoming a supreme athlete better you than the pros in your gym and multiply your output and capacity to the maximum. Now who wouldnt like that?

The MMA is something that has been captivating people of all age groups since its very inception. The strength and conditioning of MMA fighters is what everyone swears by. They know how to prove their mettle and be the best at what they do. Achieving that type of conditioning is what every athlete wants. Withstanding a rigorous bout of intense physical activity is something that needs years of training and if not done right can even lead to dangerous injuries.


What if you could achieve all that within a short span of time?

Achieving a robust conditioning of the body in a short span of time? Sounds a bit improbable and unachievable feat to achieve you might think but heres the thing. Its not. You could be the envy of every guy out there who wants to look and be menacing as the top players in the MMA.

Whats more, if you are a professional mixed martial arts fighter you could achieve fame and reach that pinnacle that you have only dreamt about. Without further adieu, theres a program that will help you achieve just that. It is called as the Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program designed and created to meet your every need to getting that world class robust fitness and techniques to make you stand apart from the herd. To make it even sweeter, this program will help you build yourself in minimum time possible provided that you commit whole heartedly to the program.

Many a times, people are of an opinion that this program will provide you with a magical potion or a quick fix to becoming a world class MMA athlete without putting any work from your end. That is not true. This program is not a fairy tale two goodies magic show that will help you achieve that. The program requires you to work your butts out to coming to your potential but while you are doing that, the program will ensure that you do it right and you do it smart without hitting a plateau or succumbing to daily routine of things.


About the program

The Ultimate MMA Strength and conditioning guide is a detailed program that ensures that you maximize your potential by training right. Most gyms do not have a certified strength and conditioning specialist and if they even do they surely charge a hefty lot to avail their services. Not feasible for everyone now, is it?

This program however will act as your guide to training hard and training smart with its myriad of training techniques that range right from starting with warm up exercises to short intensive weekly workouts that you can perform without any extra help. Of course a gym is an important requisite in that.

It aims at improving your power, technique, endurance and adaptability to your surroundings. The program contains digitally downloadable PDF guides, exercise videos compiled and brought together by Eric Wong, a renowned trainer and coach in the MMA industry today.


About the author Eric Wong

The program is created by Eric Wong, a certified MMA trainer and a conditioning coach who has years of experience in the field of MMA training and helping top players in the business like Claude Patrick, Chad Leonhardt and Rocci Williams to name a few. He helped playing an important part in these players growth and helped them reach their A game. Eric continues to train players for MMA and thought of making his techniques and training methods to other people around the globe looking to make a transition in the MMA world.

This program is just the guide for fighters looking to make a start or is in the MMA. Erics inept guide and years of research is the final outcome in the form of this available program.


What does the program contain?

This program is a comprehensive guide to providing the fighters with all the essentials and techniques to condition your body for combat training. It makes use of video guides and e-books for theoretical phase to take you through your journey of transition into a fully fledged athlete. The program makes use of training techniques like Periodization and the Tabata interval program that are effective as well as important to making your transition to the level of a fully fledged MMA fighter. All the contents of the program have been meted out with thorough research and sound science to developing the program.

Get Started Now!

The program starts with a 7 day quick start meal plan to get you started. A separate individual template can be chalked out by the user depending on their training schedule.
There is also a 7 day weight cutting guide provided by Eric which can help you lose weight fast in a proper and healthy way without changing training plans or even starving yourself.
The Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Program comprises on three important concepts namely strength, cardio and Periodization. The program includes the following things given below:

  • The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Master Manual.
    This includes training plans and periodic training calendars which can be followed by fighters prior to fights. A 8 week, 12 week and 16 week detailed schedule in the program.
  • 5 stage resistance Training model
    The program contains a step by step training model that can be effectively used to after each training regime to avoid hitting a plateau.
  • The Ultimate MMA strength and Conditioning Streaming Video Exercise
    This contains high definition videos for each and every exercise and training methods.
  • Printable Resistance Training worksheets
    This sheet will provide you every exercise and training regime that you can keep a track of during your use of the program.
  • Patented NRG system complexes
    The author provides with two of his patented NRG patented complexes after your bodys transition from the power phase to effectively end your conditioning program on a higher note.
  • Modern Span training applications
    Three research backed training methods to developing your bodys output with the use of the program.

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Cost of the program

The program has been priced competitively for the users to benefit and reap its maximum potential. The program comes with a 21 days trail period of $19.95 at first for the user to get a better understanding of how the program functions. Once this trial period ends, you can then pay the reminder of the programs cost. The program also comes along with a 60 days money back guarantee after the trial period of the product should you any way find the program not to your liking. As you can see there is not much to lose and everything to gain with the program.

So be on your way to developing yourself into a dangerous fighting machine and becoming a pro with the Ultimate MMA strength and conditioning program. Order it today and make use of the limited period offer. Its not every day you stumble upon a quality program as this.

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-The program comes with a master manual that containing periodic training which can be followed very easily and effectively.

-The program has proved to work if used effectively, following the instructions given, you can be sure to get the best results.

-The program comes with printable worksheets that provide you with the workout exercises and training regime.

-The program is cost effective. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the price of the program, anyone can afford it.

-You are guaranteed of getting back your money if the program does not work as per what you had expected.


-In order to use the product’s full feature, you will have to use the trial version first.

Summary: The Ultimate MMA strength and conditioning is a program that has been made to make sure that you get the best training at a very reasonable cost. It is a program that has been used by so many and has proved worthy. Therefore, go ahead and give it a try.

RatingRated 4.5 stars