Visual Impact Muscle Building – In-Depth And Detailed Review

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VIMB or Visual Impact Muscle Building program focuses on building muscles in a very precise way. The purpose is to help you look awesome.

Randy Moore, who has 24 years of training, developed his Visual Impact Muscle Building program to help you lose weight and build muscle and look just like the Hollywood superstars.

The purpose is to have you looking like a male celebrity rather than a bodybuilder who eats thousands of calories a day, trains all week long without a break, and wants to be super strong. You dont want to get a massive physique, you just want a lean and sculptured body that looks good at the beach, then this program is all about developing muscle in the right areas that give your body that male model look.Get Started Now!


How the Program Works

Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIIMB) has three distinct phases. These are:

Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. In this phase, you are gaining as many muscles as possible. You do this through heavy exercising that makes you muscles fatigued. This portion of the plan is called fatigue training. It uses a large part of the energy stored in your muscles and makes them tired. To achieve muscle hypertrophy, you need to work out hard.

This phase usually lasts two months. Focus on gaining sarcoplasmic fluid inside your muscles. You can do this by using 15 exercise repetitions combined with short-term rest periods. This will give your muscles fatigue.

Learn how to realize that you are building muscle size. Listen to your body and stop when you are feeling too sore. The program teaches you how to reach the right spot for the best sarcoplasmic growth without killing yourself. The effect is quick muscle growth and an increase in size.

Increase Muscular Density. You are developing strength and gaining more muscle during this phase. You dont work out as much. This period also lasts about two months. This step is considered a transition stop before you being employing the contractile tissue phase. You do repetitions of about 4/5 sets and your muscles get denser and gain strength building on the mass you have already developed.

Phase 3 is Max Density and Definition. This is the part that most guys are looking forward to doing. You lift super heavy weights and doing repeats. Now you are losing body fat and uncovering your muscles.

This is the final phase that brings out the definition of your muscles. You do repetition exercises 2/4, and you will lose extra fat. You have built muscle size, and you are becoming stronger. This is the phase that prepares you for that body you want.

If you are not a regular gym-goer, the first step will be difficult. You will need to work up to doing the suggested number of heavy exercises. Every week, however, your body will improve. The purpose, again, of this program, is to sculpt your body, not turn you into a huge bodybuilder.

Overdoing the squatting and deadlifting will hurt your chances of being lean and mean and give you a thick and wide waist. You have a great body, but you will look like the Hulk.


What comes in the Visual Impact Muscle Building Program?

You download a PDF format, 72-page manual with all the directions you need to achieve that angular and muscular look. The manual gives you detailed instruction on the three phases to gain that Hollywood look plus a Bonus Phase. There is also a nutritional guideline that is essential to achieving your goals.

You also receive a 227-page Exercise Demonstration eBook that includes pictures and the muscle sections where you need to work focus.

You also get printable workout charts that will help you monitor your progress.

Included is the perfect way to achieve that definition you are want. Definition of your body and muscles is gained by teaching your skin to wrap about your abs, tightly fill into muscle grooves and bring out the definition of your abs. This phase is where the program is different from other programs on the market.

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Bodybuilding requires you to bulk up for size, cut carbs and calories, and get your body fat low and increase the definition on your muscles. You eat tons of carbs to get your muscles filled with glycogen, and the muscles grow tight in your skin. Great way to work out, but it is only temporary. Your skin hasnt had enough time to shrink to your body and size and doesnt wrap around the muscles tight.

Skin shrinking is slower than burning fat. This program uses a unique strategy that involves cutting down on calories, exercising in 1/3 repetitions and losing weight to about 5 pounds lighter than your targeted body weight.

You diet while you train. Do this for about two months and your skin will adjust to your smaller waist and body size and fit tightly around those awesome abs.


Pros to the program

This is a highly flexible program. You can adjust the regular six months plan to four months or even nine months depending on how you want to look. You can change any phase depending on your goals.

You have flexibility with the equipment you use. Free weight, body weight and machines are great and can be utilized as long as you follow the exercise choices and rest breaks.

Low priced.

60-day money back guarantee.

VIMB focuses on building an esthetically looking, defined physique that is much different from the enormous and traditional muscular bodybuilder. You will look great at the beach, or hiking through the woods, or working on Wall Street.


Cons of the Program

You dont have specific meal plans. There are nutritional guidelines to fit each phase, but most of the nutritional work is left up to you.

The program is not available in CD or physical books. It is a downloadable application that requires a PDF reader.


VIMB is a blueprint that takes you from flabby and tired to a dense, muscular, and lean male physique. You will develop permanent low body fat, but have chiseled and V-shaped body.

bench weight lifting

A great plus to VIMB is the knowledge that you can use at different phases of your life to achieve a permanent low body fat with excellent and proportioned muscle mass. How you use VIMB is entirely up to you. Follow it to the letter to gain that wanted body in six months, or vary the phases to what suits you. Remember that you do have a money back guarantee if you find the program is just not for you.

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– The e-book is directed at helping you achieve a lean body and lose weight.

– The program is aimed at helping men have a low fat density with a v-chiseled shaped body.

– The program does not really emphasize the need of being on certain dietary plan.

– The Visual Impact Muscle Building can be found in both the CDS and the Physical books.


– This E-book will not produce instant results.

Summary: This is a special blueprint that will help you make yourself a perfect angular body, leave alone that, this ebook comes with other special bonuses in the form of printable PDFs. What makes this program one of the best as you will later find out, it is that it shows you exactly what you need, the workouts that you need to begin practicing in order to get a perfect and lean body. The E-book has been in circulation and many people are using it today to get what they have not been able to get in a while.

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