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I just recently bought the “Yoga Burn Digital Plus Physical Set”, I came across this product on the internet through a fitness forum and I decided to give it a try. I paid the product using my Paypal and immediately got an access to download the package and the physical copies of it were shipped and had reached my house in less than a week.

I ordered the Yoga Burn Digital Plus Physical x2 Package for 57 USD it has 2 complete physical copies and with good packaging.

What is the Reason of Me Buying that Kind of Product?

I was really having low-self esteem because of me being overweight and always out of focus. There was a time that I got so fed up, that is why I searched the internet for possible solutions to my problem.

I came across this Yoga Burn Digital Plus Physical Set product which is a package of softcopies with the inclusion of a physical copy of Yoga programs that I can use in having a healthy lifestyle through Yoga.

yoga model

I remember that I devoted one afternoon for me to, familiarize myself with the exercises and routines. Eventually, I mastered the three phases of yoga training that this product gave me because I practice it from time to time.

I thought that it was Another Scam on the Internet

Before I bought the product I was really skeptic that it would work because, in reality, the internet is full of scam. However, I had some extra money that day when I was browsing so I decided to give it a try.

The reviews of other buyers regarding this product are correct, I can guarantee it because when I received the item the videos are high quality and the also the audio.

Technically the exercises that Zoe Bray-Cotton is portraying in the videos were really legit because it is explained thoroughly and I can really sense her sincerity in educating people about Yoga.

The Three Phases of Yoga

The creator of the system Zoe Bray-Cotton had a great job in explaining each of the routines that are included in the package. She divided it into three phases and each phase has a different purpose.

Each phase is composed of educational videos about Yoga training which includes proper posture, movements, and how to meditate. It also teaches the fundamentals of Yoga for beginners like me.

yoga class

The First Phase “Building My Fundamentals”

The first phase was called the “foundational flow”, it talks about the fundamentals of yoga and what benefits you can get from doing it. I learned that I can get lean muscles and it will help me in losing bad fats.

In this phase it also gives you the basics of Yoga, do not skip this phase because you will surely need the basics before you move on to the exercises with a higher complexity level.

For the reason that accomplishing proper form is crucial in Yoga, you must pay full attention to this if you want the Yoga routines to be efficient.

I also learned how to connect a sturdy mind and body, it is one of the main benefits of Yoga to give your body and mind a so-called “unity” to achieve wellness.

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The Second Phase “Going into Transition”

After you build up your fundamentals, it is time to move on to the second phase. This is where you combine what you learn during the first phase of the guide. More complex exercises are present in this phase, it is also in this phase that you will get deeper in learning and practicing Yoga.

It is also in this phase in which I learned on combining the exercises on the three portions of your body namely upper body, lower body, and core. And also doing meditation in a moving position is one the most important things that I learned in this phase.


The Third Phase “Mastering Yoga”

This is where you put everything you learn on the previous phases with added complexity for many efficient results. In this phase, I fully understood what Yoga is all about and I can already feel the amazing benefits that this package is promising to its readers.

I already lose a lot of pounds in the two previous phases and I was more amazed when I mastered all the routines because my progress is getting better each day. I felt that my metabolism is getting faster and I do not get tired easily.

Why I trusted the product?

Obviously, you cannot find any reason for not trusting the product, mainly because as you can see it is professionally made by a certified yoga trainer.

Next is it is processed by Clickbank which is a trusted retailer on the internet of different goods and services. It has a very good reputation and will never fail. This is one of my determining factors for why I bought the product.

When it comes to the security of my payment Clickbank also ensured me that my personal information is safe with them. They have this 128-bit encryption on their socket layer that guarantees security on their customers.

diet veggies

Positive Reviews from Customers

There are many people who trained using the system of Zoe Bray-Cotton experienced success and was satisfied with the results that it gave them.

There is also a customer of this product that had a back injury before, recommended this product because it was safe for her and it improved the condition of her back.

And also she was so satisfied because it helps her to shock her body with various Yoga exercises. She never ran out of exercises because there are so many routines that are available in the videos that is why she never gets bored but gets really excited in every session of Yoga.

Another customer had also her story of success regarding the product her name is Ami, a 51-year-old housewife from the USA, is an avid practitioner of this product she felt better than ever I have read her positive review on a post on Facebook several weeks ago.

This were the proofs that this product really works and I myself who is writing this review is a living testimony of a person who has also used this product that can guarantee you that it is really worth your money and time.

Yoga Burn

If it worked for me it will surely work for you, there are a lot of exercises on the videos which you can optimize you have to check what works for you.

My Final Verdict

To give you a summary of what this Yoga training product by Zoe Bray-Cotton, my final verdict is that I am more than satisfied with the results. I really love her approach in teaching she used informational videos in order for her to elaborate to us the proper way of executing her yoga exercise program.

It is definitely a big yes for me, I recommend to you to grab the opportunity to get a copy of the product until it is still available in the market and until the price is still low.

Lastly, just make sure you also eat healthy foods along with the exercises in order for you to achieve the maximum results. Because a healthy diet is very crucial in your metabolism.

What is included in my diet is fewer carbohydrate foods like green vegetables, fruits that are rich in vitamin C and also healthy drinks like green tea. I also eat brown rice instead of white rice because it does not raise glucose levels that much.


I also discipline myself to get the right amounts of sleep preferable 8 to 9 hours a day. Since I have been practicing this Yoga Program I am more relax and I am able to sleep early every day because of yoga I became stress-free and have a peace of mind and wellness when it comes to my physical, mental and spiritual aspect.

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  • Price is affordable
  • Has a soft copy and a physical copy of the product
  • The video and audio is clear
  • The important points are well explained


  • Much better if it has an eBook also of the complete list of exercises so that the reader will just browse through it if he/she wants to scan or review something.

Summary: Because of this product I have changed my outlook on life, it is really proven that Yoga not only affects our physical well being but also our mental and spiritual health. Because of this Yoga training, I became more focused and relax. My metabolism got faster which helped me to get rid of toxins on my body really fast which is good in preventing future health problems. The price is so affordable it is worth my money and time.

RatingRated 5 stars